4 hour design challenge | fall 2021
an onboarding process for nurses and patients to check local hospital capacities.
ux researcher + designer
user research, interface design, brand design, prototyping
Hospitable was my response to a design challenge I did my senior year of undergrad. It required us to design an onboarding process for nurses to check in on hospital capacities, and to combat any issues that came with it.

This was my first ever taste of product design, and I thought it was a fun experience to think from both a user and a developer’s point of view. I wanted the app to be very easy and user friendly, and didn’t want to have too many functions as it would primarily be used in hospitals and health centers.

I conducted some research on existing hospital pagers, read reviews from current nurses and patients of business competitors, and skimmed academic papers explaining the importance and technology behind pagers, iPhones, and COVID-19. It was a lot.

*2023 edit- I did refine some of the branding and layouts, but other than that the concept and features of Hospitable remain the same.
hospitable brand guide
hospitable brandguide shown above
A fast and efficient way to help nurses and medical professionals, Hospitable focuses more on being an assistance app for medical professionals. Nurses are often short-staffed and juggling multiple responsibilities and patients at once, so it was important to limit the steps taken to complete an action within the app.

Hospitable would be particularly useful for hospitals who are unable to afford to replace pagers, or individuals who seek hospital care
hospitable sign in screen (image 1)hospitable welcome page (image 2)hospitable step 1 (image 3)hospitable step 2 (image 4)hospitable step 3 (image 5)hospitable home screen (image 6)
Designing on a time crunch forced me to be more decisive of my ideas and features. It was my first time learning how to design based on academic articles, not user data, which allowed me to learn more about the industry and the specific pain points that they experienced. However, this came with limitations.

Many of these articles had pain points that related to COVID-19 specifically, and how the increase in transmissions caused patient numbers to skyrocket. Another limitation I had was the challenge itself. We were required to design 3 screens (images 3-5 above) that would showcase our app- I built upon it, but chose to feature screens that made the most impact for my submissions.