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[01] origin story

I was surrounded by art for as long as I can remember, learning how to draw and paint long before I knew what a computer was. As technology grew and adapted, so did I. Starting with traditional mediums (acrylics, oil, charcoal) at the ripe age of 8ish, I was creating for myself. As I finished high school and learned graphic design with AdobeCC, I started designing for my organizations. As a 20-something year old experiencing virtual university and life post-lock down, I learned Figma and UX to design for my community.

fun fact: jwu is a nickname my high school band director gave me! it's been my most common calling since.

[02] abilities

i'm currently bridging the cap between communand product, dedicated to supporting the communities i'm designing for, i anticipate needs, and always cons the best ways to understand and help people‍

[03] mission

I strive to advocate for users with products I believe in, and to be an ally to those around me and my work. Designing experiences that are fun and foster community- that's the game.

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in my down time, I make hyper-specific Spotify playlists, take photos of food, cut my own hair, visit new coffee shops, save mechanical keyboard builds, smell perfumes, try out new recipes, collect photocards, thrift, look up fonts used in k-pop albums, create pinterest boards, make fun lattes, do nail art, clean my apartment, bake, daydream about a past life, play Pokemon Go,

breathe and decompress...

play the bass guitar, test out sunscreens, read manga, read books, clean my apartment, learn Korean, doodle, go to concerts, play Valorant (badly), watch art streams, have dinner with my parents, practice gratitude, collect stationery, catch up with friends, forget to do my dailys on Genshin Impact, practice languages on Duolingo, and drink water (lots of it too).

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